Automotive Masking Tape 80° 8310

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Natural Rubber Yellow (Red Core)

High-grade automotive masking tape recommended for demanding automotive repair workshops
and high temperature oven use. Saturated semi-crepe paper masking tape coated with specially
developed cross‐
linked solvent based natural rubber adhesive. Guaranteed for 60 minutes at 80°C.
Also suitable for all general masking applications.


Guaranteed spray painting automotive oven use in 80°C for 60 minutes

General masking

Domestic DIY & industrial general painting


Light duty packaging


80°oven use for 60 minutes
Solvent and thinner resistant
Suitable for both metallic and plastic automotive surfaces
High initial tack
Various surface options to cover special requirements
Easy application on uneven surfaces
Absolute residue free removal
Excellent conformability & tape to tape adhesion
Suitable for water & solvent based paints
Easy tear & curving
Part No Description Min Qty
MAS818 Masking Tape 18mm x 40m (Red) 48
MAS824 Masking Tape 24mm x 40m (Red) 36
MAS836 Masking Tape 36mm x 40m (Red) 24
MAS848 Masking Tape 48mm x 40m (Red) 24

Available in low crepe surface suitable for higher tape to tape needs and high-crepe suitable for easier cornering and conform-ability.